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Trading Platform APIs

Powerful APIs and Client Libraries in various platforms for Business Managed Applications, Support Tools, Test Drivers, … created in non-Java environments Real-time streaming of large amounts of data C# API for .NET based applications Excel plugins Python API Administrative Command Shell for deployment automation REST API

High Performance Programming

Programming Techniques for High Throughput and Low Latency Java Garbage Collector tuning for sub-millisecond Stop-The-World pauses (Shenandoah GC) In the most performance-critical parts, consideration of runtime details such as CPU architectures, Java Memory Model and GC details Out-of-thin-air Safety, RRWL, SpinLocks, Unsafe, Memory Fences, Zero Garbage, …

Real-Time Data Distribution

Data distribution framework for up to 1 million updates per second, distributed to server farms of 100+ machines Publish/subscribe model, push principle, diff updates “All in memory” approach for minimal delays Integration with market data vendors such as Thomson Reuters (TREP) and Bloomberg